• “I moved into a renovated condo in downtown Toronto after living in a century old house. I knew the condo had potential and I had a vision for a modern, comfortable living space, but achieving that was a mystery. My friend recommended Arnold and right away he helped me make my vision a reality. Starting with the bedrooms then the living room and eventually working to the balcony, he introduced me to different stores and helped me coordinate the colours in the modern style I desired.

    Arnold was a pleasure to be with. His enthusiasm helped make the shopping and decorating enjoyable for me. He helped design effective lighting, install curtains, carpets, modern furniture, artwork and accessories. He even arranged a sewer to make custom curtains. He was a great motivator as he gave me projects such as painting and furniture assembly during the week and on weekends we shopped and decorated. I am extremely pleased with the results. My condo is now a comfortable and modern home. My friends and family have all been amazed by the results. I would recommend Arnold and the services of Benito Designs to anyone wanting to make their space a home.”

    - ROBERT - Toronto, Ontario


  • “It is with great pleasure that I am writing you this recommendation letter. You have been extremely helpful and courteous during our second bedroom makeover process. I never thought my room would look so stunning and we have had a great experience making it so beautiful that I can say I truly love the room now.You have helped me to bring my own unique style to the next level and make the room pop with “WOW” factor. The room still stays true to who I am as a person, but also make such a statement that no one can deny. Everyone that has seen the room loves it and I can’t thank you enough.It is truly my pleasure to work with you and thank you for putting in the time, effort and energy to make my home so unique and beautiful. Home is where the heart is, and I can now finally say “I love my home”. Thank you once again and I highly recommend anyone that needs any design assistance to contact Benito Designs.”

    - SHAUN - Toronto, Ontario


  • “It was Arnold’s passion in interior designing that first inspired me to update my walk in closet with more effective features. Working with Arnold was such an enjoyable experience, every time we met, he came prepared with multiple options for my review. He was amazing in translating my ideas and incorporating them into his design. A true professional with an amazing eye for style and beauty. I look forward to working with him again to redecorate other areas at home. Thank you Arnold for everything.”

    - NELSON - Toronto, Ontario


  • “Working with Arnold on improving the attractiveness of my rental space was a pleasure. Arnold has an easy-going approach that is communicative, friendly, and interactive, which was exactly what I needed to help me meet my re-decorating goals. Arnold offered an abundance of excellent options and ideas, but in the end, results are what count – every visitor complimented me on my house & its furnishings, and the tenants who took my rental even wanted any furniture I was willing to part with. Thank you Arnold!”


-TIMOTHY - Richmond Hill, Ontario


  • “I have had the privilege of working with Arnold of Benito Design, and the key words are working with. He listened intently and developed designs that fit my vision while at the same time, opening my eyes to possibilities that I had never even considered. He was willing to meet as many times as necessary to develop a design that was most comfortable for me and my living space. He sourced materials in several locations and was very sensitive to my budget. I will always look to Arnold for any future designs modifications and will recommend him highly to friends.”

    - MICHAEL - Richmond Hill, Ontario


  • “I was referred to Arnold by my sister who spoke very highly of his professionalism and aesthetic. When I contacted him, he responded very promptly and told me that he wanted to get an idea of my taste and a rough idea of the space I wanted re-done.Initially, we conversed through email – back and forth a few times – until we set a date for him to come and take a look at my space. He explained that after our first meeting he would have a better understanding of the direction he thought I was going in and would be better equipped to help me in designing my space. I appreciated this approach because Arnold never put any pressure on me. He wanted me to know that regardless of the direction we decided to take – he would help me create the vision. Being my first apartment, the canvas was clean.Arnold was extremely well prepared for our meeting. He began the presentation by explaining different styles of design to me – trying to get a feel for which appealed to me most. From our initial conversation, he was able to determine my aesthetic and actually came prepared with 3D mock-ups of the space (based on my description) outfitted with pieces he felt would complement the space. We worked through these initial mock-ups piece by piece and formed a dialogue around what I liked and didn’t like. He always had alternative ideas prepared and was great for drawing ideas out of me that I wasn’t really able to explain clearly. We talked about colour and painting techniques as well as lighting and the importance of each one in a given space. Arnold presented the plan in a very straightforward and easy manner. He came with a price list that represented how you could choose between less expensive and more expensive options to fit any budget, yet still achieve the quality of design you were looking for. Arnold also offered his buddy services to me. He said that he was more than happy to “be my best friend” for two weeks to get the job done – OR – we could piece it together more slowly. Whatever worked! He was highly accommodating and was always available via cell for up to the minute consultation. I would highly recommend his services to first time decorators and those looking to give a fresh look to their existing décor.”

- JONATHAN - Toronto, Ontario


  • “Having been in our home for more than a year—and having spent a lot of time and budget on many of the retrofits you’d expect in a 130 year old house—we were looking to add some wow factor to our very dated dining room. At first we were looking to only update the table, but after talking with Arnold Ignacio of Benito Designs, he found ways to add the mid-century modern feel we were looking for without breaking the bank. Our quest for a new dining room table became a complete makeover, just in time for the holidays.Arnold’s vision combined with his hands-on client focused approach and his ability to keep our budget in mind led to stellar results and a unique look that we are proud of. We are more than happy to recommend Benito Designs to our family and friends and look forward to working with Arnold over the next several years as we continue to update our home.”

- TYLER & JASON - Toronto, Ontario


  • “We have been contemplating on moving for a couple of years now but torn between wanting a new open concept home or remaining where we are in the area we love to live in. Having said that, Arnold showed us the potential of what our current house can be like by changing our current layout to an open concept floor plan. He did a fantastic job in showing us what we wanted and what we were looking for. He made sure that we were happy with the results. We are so glad to know we have Arnold, a décor and design consultant, to turn to. Once we have the necessary funds needed to proceed, Arnold will be the one we’ll be turning to for help.”

    - MICHAEL & AUDREY - Markham, Ontario